What our Member's are saying


"Oasis is like a 2nd home to me...."

"I have been a member since the opening of Oasis in 2002 and  am still a member because Oasis is like a 2nd home to me. When I walk in the front door I am always greeted by name with a smile and a friendly hello. I love the  group classes and feel very comfortable especially because the instructors are very knowledgeable, always willing to  help me with correct form and answer any questions I may have. In addition to that the classes are definitely fun, there is great variety and  everyone is very friendly.  These are the things that is  keep me coming back! I actually feel like I'm missing something if I can't make it to 'my' gym! Thanks OASIS!

Gina F.

"....have enhanced my life"

"Thank you all at Oasis for making it my home away from home, my special healthy and happy place.  Since the doors of Oasis opened in 2002, I have been addicted to the experience. I especially love the classes.  I've tried them all, and the variety is wonderful.   The instructors are all well-trained, innovative, and so motivational.  Thanks to all of you!  And then there is the amazing feeling of the collective power of the group in a class setting, and the sense that we all want the best for one another.

Heartfelt appreciation, Oasis, for providing the classes that have helped me be fit and introduced me to so many interesting and caring women who have enhanced my life."

"After that first session, I was hooked!"

"I joined Oasis when it opened, and the first class I took was a yoga class.  After that first session, I was hooked!  The yoga instructors at Oasis are knowledgeable, encouraging and caring.  I like the fact that they are able to meet the needs of the varied ability levels of the students in each class.  I leave yoga classes at Oasis feeling refreshed and centered.  I am now a devoted yogi thanks to Oasis!"

Marianne M.


"My clothes are one size smaller!"

I started my Pilates journey by attending a mat class.  At first I wasn't sure if this type of program was "my thing" but since the class time fit my schedule, I stayed with it.  Soon I realized that I actually enjoyed doing "The Hundred" and "Spine Stretch Forward."  And then I became intrigued with all the cool-looking equipment in the Pilates Room and decided to give private lessons a try.  And that's when Pilates really kicked in for me.  These private Pilates lessons give me the one-on-one attention and the challenge to constantly push out of my comfort zone that I need.  And for me, the results have been phenomenal.  My core is stronger than ever, my posture has improved, and the boost in my self-confidence has been commented upon by family, friends and co-workers.  And best of all, my clothes are now one size smaller!"

Sue L.

"I can't give up my Oasis membership."

"I am a fitness fanatic and have been coming to Oasis (almost daily) & yoga at least once a week since Oasis opened in 2002. In fact, the first yoga class I ever attended was at Oasis. I have come a long way with my flexibility, strength, and balance since that first class thanks to all the wonderful instructors! Yoga is something I always look forward to in my weekly fitness routine to destress and counterbalance all my other activities. I love all the instructors and Oasis provides enough class offerings so I can always find at least one that fits into my busy schedule. I wouldn't ever dream of giving up my Oasis membership."

Mary Ann P.

"Thank you so much, Oasis, for your amazing encouragement and help!"

"Three years ago I was a 250 pound slug, disgusted with my body and my inactivity. I'd yo-yo dieted all my life and tried all kinds of exercises programs. All failed, and I gained back even more pounds.

This time, I tried exercise dvds. The pounds came off but after a year in my basement with Richard, our relationship was strained. I worried I was headed for yet another failure...

Then I received an ad about Oasis. It's everything I expected and more! I love the trainers, the classes, the staff and all the wonderful, supportive, and interesting women. Without Oasis, I'd likely be back in my 18W pants, instead of holding steady in my 8's (and sometimes 6's!)

I am more fit, energetic, and healthy than I've ever been. Thanks so much, Oasis, for your amazing encouragement and help!

Maureen, La Grange Park