How To find the right program

What’s the quickest way to lose weight?

How do I tone my upper arms?

How can I get rid of my muffin top?

These are some of the questions I hear almost daily. 

My answers to these questions are the same answers given by professionals over the years – there are no quick and easy fixes for weight loss or spot reduction. Diet, exercise, and a good night’s sleep are the keys to a healthy body.

Have you noticed our obsession with fast fixes, “experts”, and sameness? 

Of course we want to know how others succeeded in their quest to be healthy. 

But I find the more I ask people how they did it, how they succeeded, how they became the expert, I find most often it wasn’t easy, rarely fast, and more often than not, it was wrought with fear, failure, and suffering.

The other thing I find, it was highly personal. 

A person’s reason for being fit and healthy isn’t the same for everyone.  We are all different and our motivations, family, skills, and lifestyles don’t fit in the mold of someone else. 

So it’s time to get real with ourselves. 

Instead of asking what is the quickest way to lose weight, have a conversation with the expert – YOU!  Be honest and take the time to listen to what you are saying.

Your situation deserves deliberate contemplation and customization.  You are not meant for one-size fits all.

As more and more quick fixes pop up – shakes, surgery, group workouts – ask…

What suits me and where I am in my life?

And then listen to the answer. 

My answer is much different today than it was in my 20's and 30's and I bet your's will be too.

There are countless fitness, health, and nutrition professionals out there who can help you but it is up to you to know what you want.

·      If you want quick weight loss, sit down with a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, or a Life Coach and figure out why you keep cycling up and down with your weight. 

·      If you want to get rid of the fat on your arms, know that you will have to exercise and it will be uncomfortable.

·      And if you want to lose the muffin top, know that once it’s gone it will take the same amount of effort everyday for the rest of your life to keep it off.

There are no quick fixes or fast and easy solutions. 

Getting the life, body, and health you want is up to you.

It is up to you to decide what you want and what you are willing to change in your life to get it.

We are obsessed with quick fixes, experts, and sameness

What if you took a quiet moment today and pondered:

  • What are my goals?
  • Why do I want to make a change?
  • What am I willing to change with regard to exercise, nutrition, and daily habits?
  • Who can help me reach my goals?

We are here to help you reach your fitness goals and have the energy you need to create the life of your dreams.  Our PT Test Drive Program may be just the thing to help you get started.