One-on-One Personal Training

Just what the name implies -- fitness to meet your personal goals.  Whether you want to lose weight, gain lean muscle, run a 5K, or simply take the guess work out of your fitness routine, personal training makes the most of your time at Oasis.

From the start, you will be partnered with one of our nationally certified Personal Trainers.  Together you will talk about your goals and your trainer will design a customized plan to meet these goals safely and effectively.

Each time you meet with your trainer, she will optimize your workouts to help you move beyond stubborn plateaus, break out of fitness ruts and re-energize your body.  Each session will challenge you and build your confidence with superior results!

Partner and Semi-Private Training Options


Working out one-on-one with your personal trainer will get you the results you are looking for in the shortest amount of time.  But for some of us, fitness is more fun when exercising with friends. Make the journey more rewarding by getting together with an Oasis trainer and other members. You will receive all of the benefits of traditional, individual personal training, along with the team support, accountability and result driven workouts!


Get the results you are looking for and enjoy the company and camaraderie of friends.  An Oasis Certified Personal Trainer will guide you and your workout group through a series of exercises designed to maximize each individual's results, while also showing you fun, interactive workouts that you can then do together or on your own. You will always have two sources of motivation, which will keep you on track and get you to your goals even faster. 

Small groups are limited to four participants to keep the proper technique, supervision and motivation as a our emphasis.


What you can Expect from Personal Training

  • Accountability - Your trainer will hold you accountable throughout your session.  All you have to do is show up and workout.
  • Goal Orientation - Each month you will review your goals with your trainer and she will modify your plan.  Each session gets you closer to your goal.
  • Tracking - Measurements and fitness tests will be utilized to track your results toward your goals.
  • Education - Learn proper body mechanics and form to help prevent injuries.