Active Souls is pleased to partner with Erin Dubich, registered dietitian, licensed dietitian nutritionist, writer and professional speaker.  Erin is an expert on getting healthy, and feeling alive and joyful while doing it. She is known for bringing positivity, inspiration and practical advice to her coaching, teaching, writing and speaking. She has lost and kept off nearly 80 pounds for about 8 years now, by creating a healthy relationship with food, and by becoming her own best guide.

Remembering to Eat Well - In our hurried, fast-paced, stressed-filled lives, we don't always take the time to think about what we're eating. Erin shares some simple "nutrition hacks" you can easily incorporate into your life TODAY.  



The Myth of "Out Exercising" a Poor Diet - Have you ever thought you would go to one more class, run one more mile, or lift a few more pounds so you could splurge later in the day or to make up for something you ate earlier? Erin's been there and in this video she talks about where those thoughts are coming from and some strategies to change your relationship with exercise and nutrition. 

Splurges, Treats and Rewards - Get out of the deprivation / reward cycle!  Erin talks about how feeling joyful and filling up in a different way than using food to fill up.