Member Services Manager

Job Title:  Member Services Manager

Overview:  The Member Services Manager is responsible for creating and upholding a terrific client experience at Active Souls.  The client experience is subjected to client interaction, comfort within the facility, a client sense of value and appreciation and overall a creation of a VIP environment for all members. 

The Member Services Manager’s secondary task is to manage and facilitate all administrative tasks, staffing, procedures and policies. 

The Member Services Manager acts as a Manager to all staff and clients.  The Member Services Manager is responsible for creating, understanding, executing and adhering to company policies and procedures.  The Member Services Manager oversees all client interactions once the client is in our facility and is a member.

Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities:


·       Work as a team member on the management staff to provide a high level of service to members and inspiration and leadership to staff. Assist in directing the flow of the club for smooth and profitable operation.

·       Walk around the club twice per day for 15 minutes each time and engage with members and staff.

·       Attend all member mixers and monthly social functions.

·       Acknowledge all staff birthdays through send out cards

·       Attend weekly leadership team meeting and follow-up accordingly

·       Staffing

o   Interviewing, hiring, and firing procedures for all member Services, Kid’s Kove, and administrative staff

o   Front desk to be staffed during fitness center hours

o   Deal with any scheduling conflicts and coverage issues

·       Company Policies

o   Responsible for ensuring company policy is followed by all employees

o   Upon hiring, each employee fills out all employment paperwork and receives a company handbook

o   Set up and administer 2 week training curriculum for new employees

o   Notifies employee of all policy updates and adherence to policy

o   Conduct employee performance reviews every 6 months

·       Daily Operations procedures

o   Ensure opening and closing procedures are being followed consistently by all member services staff

o   Identifying any discrepancies at Cash Resister and notifying management immediately if problems occur

o   Inventory

o   All supplements, food, clothing, and spa supplies are fully stocked at all times and everything is accounted for and well presented

o   Count inventory at month end and report to Management

o   Order supplies and inventory on a set schedule

o   Order all office, spa, and facility supplies

o   Restock stationary supplies including any forms needed for member services

Client Relations

  • Client Engagement

o   Expeditiously and effectively handling member situations, freezes, questions and concerns

    • Work with the sales representative to create and host quarterly events for members that address their needs.  Reach goal of 15 members attending each events
    • Send out yearly membership renewal letters and process letters as they are returned
    • Respond to all charity donation requests
    • Stay engaged with current members personally inviting them to club functions and apprise them of club programs
    • Send out weekly e-mail to all members notifying them of weekly events and specials
  • Client Account Review / Scheduling Review
    • Check client accounts monthly to avoid errors
    • Review and confirm new client assessment appointment
    • Enter new clients into Mind Body, Infusion soft, and Send out Cards
    • Ensure all membership paperwork is completed accurately and promptly submitted for processing

o   Run Account balances monthly and have the credit charged the same day as membership is due

·       Credit Card Expiry

o   Proactively call clients 30 days in advance of their credit card expiration and get new credit card information

·       Auto pay fails

o   Call auto pay fails and make sure account is paid up within one week

o   Cancel anyone that has failed to pay within a month and let management know

·       Facility Tours

o   Review tour guidelines with all front desk staff quarterly

    • Training Member Services staff on conducting membership tours to prospective members and guests, determining their needs and wants and then matching those with membership. 
    • Ride along on a tour to assess employee’s knowledge and offer feedback.
  • Client Follow-up
    • Ensure employee follow-up on questions and interest in Active Souls

Growing and Retaining Membership:

  • Meet and exceed established monthly membership retention goals
  • Review all membership reports and ensure they are completed by the 5th of each month

Reports to: Owner or General Manager


·       Superb management skills

·       Able to work as a team member and coordinate with all teams within Active Souls

·       Excellent verbal communication and listening skills

·       Tremendous personal skills and sales skills

·       Great etiquette through all communication (in person, on phone, online, etc.)

·       Proactive, take charge individual

·       Optimistic and pleasant demeanor

·       Excellent Administrative and organizational skills

·       Must be comfortable with delegation

·       Must firmly believe in the mission, core values, and culture of Active Souls

Training Required

·       Review of company policies and training protocol

·       Understanding of all paperwork flow (membership, personal training, Spa Services)

·       Detailed training on MindBody Scheduling Appointments

·       Safety rules and regulations and emergency protocol

·       Month end reporting and statistics

·       Interviewing and staffing process

·       Opening and Closing of Building

Performance Appraisal

·       Quarterly and Yearly


·       This is a salary position and based upon experience.


  • This is a full time position with an expectation of 40 hours per week
  • Schedule should be flexible enough to see all employees at least once / week
  • This position gets 2 weeks of paid vacation.  Unpaid vacation can be taken with manager’s approval

If you are interested in this position, e-mail Sally Nauss at