Who We are

Located just north of downtown La Grange, we are a boutique fitness center for women.  Our friendly staff, energetic instructors and knowledgeable trainers will get you started on your fitness goals and help you get the best fitness results you've ever had. Whether you're an absolute beginner or an athlete, we can help you transform your body and mind in a fun, challenging and supportive environment.   

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What Active Souls Offers


  • Personal Training Services: Individual, Partner, and Semi-Private Sessions available
  • Pilates Private Training: Individual and Partner Training
  • Cardio Equipment: Treadmills, Ellipticals, Recumbent & Upright Bikes, Rower, Stepmill, Adaptive Motion Trainers, and Lateral Trainer
  • Strength Equipment: Resistance Machines, Free Weights, Functional Equipment (BOSU, TRX, medicine and stability balls, resistance bands, foam rollers)
  • Group Exercise Classes: A variety of over 40 classes offered every week



Every body is different which is why our nutrition programs are based on individual needs and preferences.  We base our nutrition guidance on the principles of MacroNutrients, Mindful Eating, and Healthy Food Choices.  We will meet you where you are and educated you along the way.   


Our spa offers Massage, Facials, and Waxing.  Same Day Appointments are often available.  Call to book your appointment.


Real results at active Souls

What will your White Board say?

...Enhanced My Life

Thank you all at Active Souls for making it my home away from home, my special healthy and happy place. Since the doors of Oasis opened in 2002, I have been addicted to the experience. I especially love the classes. I’ve tried them all, and the variety is wonderful. The instructors are all well-trained, innovative, and so motivational. Thanks to all of you! And then there is the amazing feeling of the collective power of the group in a class setting, and the sense that we all want the best for one another.

Heartfelt appreciation, Active Souls, for providing the classes that have helped me be fit and introduced me to so many interesting and caring women who have enhanced my life.

Summer Hours

(June 1 thru August 31)
Monday to Thursday 5am to 9pm
Friday 5am to 6pm
Saturday 7am to 3pm
Sunday 8am to 1pm


Regular Hours

(September 1 thru May 31)
Monday to Thursday 5am to 9pm
Friday 5am to 7pm
Saturday 7am to 3pm
Sunday 8am to 3pm