Trick or Treat?

Not a trick and definitely a treat!

Is breakfast truly the “most important meal of the day”? No, but this expression is not a trick! Breakfast is a very important meal and should not be skipped but, all the meals we eat are very important in their own way.

Studies show that 31 million Americans skip breakfast* This may be because you wake up from a large meal the night before and feel stuffed or think by skipping a meal you are eating less calories and are then more likely to lose weight. Wrong!

Often times the theory of skipping breakfast because we are still full from a large or late night dinner or simply because we want to consume less calories backfires. This is because people end up too hungry around lunchtime and overeat or make unhealthy choices. Your body needs fuel to start the day. Instead of skipping, grab a high fiber food (fruit) and combine it with protein (greek yogurt, egg). If you feel full from that large dinner, have a light breakfast but something to prevent you from being ravenous at lunchtime.

People often skip breakfast and just have coffee. People feel this often tricks the body into feeling full. But again, this typically backfires. You can only “trick” your body so long before It needs proper fuel. So in addition to your coffee, give your body energy through a healthy breakfast filled with good protein, carbohydrates and fiber such as a veggie omelet and a piece of whole wheat/whole grain toast, or a piece of that toast with almond butter and a cup of berries.

Sometimes people have breakfast but again still feel hungry around mid-morning. As I have been stating, make sure your breakfast has enough protein. Protein takes longer to digest and helps prevent you from feeling hungry too soon. Good choices are eggs, greek yogurt with chai, nuts and berries, steel cut oats with berries and nuts.

Breakfast is a treat!






*ACE (American Council on Exercise)