How to make your strength training more effective

Low weights, high rep MYTH BUSTER


I have been teaching strength training classes for 5 years. Throughout this time, it has been my experience that women have a fear of using heavy weights.

I want to end this fear.

  • The female body produces much less testosterone than men. We do produce testosterone which helps maintain muscle and bone mass but men produce roughly 6-8 mg per day compared to women who produce around .5 mg per day. Because of these low levels, we can not get “big”.

  • We see this image of female body-builders and are turned off by heavy weights. Please understand, it take years of training AND supplements to create that hypertrophy!

  • It is commonly thought that with low weights and high repetitions one will “tone up”. Now, light weight and high repetitions do build muscular endurance. There are benefits. But, without boring you with too many details, this type of training is not targeting the muscle fibers responsible for strengthening the muscle. You need to increase your weight to see results. If you have been “strength” training for years, coming to classes and just picking up the same 5lb weights and not seeing results - you need to increase the weight! Increase weight = increase strength & muscle mass. And, this increase in muscle mass….

  1. ...will increase your metabolic rate (your bodies ability to burn calories more efficiently). This means your body will burn more calories throughout the day. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue. As you increase your muscle, you increase your resting metabolic rate and again - burn more calories throughout the day

Grab the heavier weights

See Results

Feel and look great