New Lead Tracking

For each new lead that comes in or calls, fill out the lead tracking form with as much information as you can.  This information will be saved in Active Campaigns, our e-mail and sales tracking system.

Tracking Sheet

Whenever you talk to someone about ANY service at Active Souls including Membership, Training, Pilates, or a Spa Service, please enter their information on the tracking sheet.  We need to keep track of how we're doing with sales.  The tracking sheet is a google sheet.  When someone calls and asks for pricing or information, they go on this sheet.  If someone stops in, they go on this sheet.  If you sign someone up, they go on this sheet.  We are no longer using the paper lead tracking sheets.  

Activate a Guest Pass

When someone activates their 7 day guest pass, key their e-mail address here and they will get an e-mail from me welcoming them to club on the day they active the guest pass and, if they don't sign up for membership within 7 days, they will get an offer from me to sign up.

Gave a Guest Pass

If you give someone a guest pass and they don't activate it, fill out the new lead tracking form and then put their e-mail here.  They have 30 days to activate their guest pass.  They will get e-mails from me each week until they activate their guest pass.

Someone Activated Their Groupon!

When someone comes in to activate their groupon, fill out the new lead tracking form and enter their e-mail below.  They do not become a member by activating their groupon.

Activated Groupon
This client came in today and activated their Groupon.


Signed up A New member

Click the image above to enter the e-mail of our New Member

Click the image above to enter the e-mail of our New Member

When you sign up a new member, put their e-mail in the from and they will get a new client on-boarding e-mail sequence from me asking them to do 30 day check-ins, giving them helpful health information, and welcoming them to the club.  This is for anyone who signs up for Individual Membership, Senior Membership, Family Membership, Student Membership.  Do not include Student Holiday or 10 Visit Pass here.