Food Coach

Overview:  Responsible for handling all aspects pertaining to the Balanced Habits Kick Start and Balanced Habits Life Programs, including fulfilling the nutrition coach role for participants of the program.

Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities:


  • Market and sell the Kick Start and Life program to existing clients
  • Upsell products and services to existing Kick Start and Life participants
  • Track all program participants’ progress and record it weekly in a timely manner
  • Communicate with Balanced Habits Headquarters with any issues directly
  • Enter all participants’ data into program software
  • Run all meetings including the initial orientation and follow-up meetings
  • Create all articles and special programs for Kick Start participants
  • Communicate with participants via email throughout entire program of all events, weekly reminders…etc
  • Assist the owner in securing strategic alliances for advertising and prizes
  • Assist the owner in obtaining prizes for the Challenge
  • Plan the End of the 30 Day Kick-Start Celebration event


Reports to:  Owner or General Manager


  • Must have basic understanding of nutrition, meaning that there needs to be a basic interest in learning about how nutrition affects performance/results of potential and current gym clientele
  • Nutrition degree is preferred                    
  • Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office and data entry
  • Must be able to be a leader and implement program as specified
  • Must be well versed with managing a group and communicating with the group efficiently and without direction

·       Able to work as a team member and coordinate with all teams within Active Souls

·       Tremendous personal skills and sales skills

·       Excellent verbal, communication and listening skills

·       Great etiquette through all communication (in person, on phone, online, etc.)

·       Proactive, take charge individual

·       Optimistic and pleasant demeanor

·       Excellent Administrative and organizational skills

·       Must firmly believe in the mission, core values, and culture of Active Souls

Training Required

  • Must follow all the Learning Material Lessons prior to becoming the Kick Start and Balanced habits life Technician and food coach.
  • Complete all Kick Start lessons and follow program procedures and implementation
  • Must pass Balanced Habits Certification Program Test-out prior to becoming an Active Souls Nutrition Coach.
  • Fully understand all company policies and procedures, pricing and program guarantees
  • Working knowledge must be in place for all aspects involved with the Balanced Habits Programs
  • Sales skills including communication and listening
  • Marketing the Balanced Habits program


Performance Appraisal

·       3 times / year in February, June, and October


·       Prior to becoming a Balanced Habits certified Food Coach

o   $10 / hour

·       30 Day Kick Start

o   $14 / hour + participant bonus

o   1 – 30 participants= $8 / participant

o   31 – 50 participants = $10 / participant

o   50+ participants = $12 / participant


·       Balanced Habits Life – 6 month appointment based program

o   Take Down Lifestyle - $14 / hour


  • This is a part time position with expectations of 15 hours / week during a 30 Day Kick-Start.
  • It is expected that the Nutrition Coach is available during the challenge for weigh-ins and participant questions.

If you are interested in this position, e-mail Sally Nauss at