WOW - January 30 - Core Blast

Do each exercise for 1 minute with 30 seconds rest between exercises. 

Repeat 5 times

1).  Superman pushup: when executing pushup pull opposite knee under to opposite shoulder

2).  Ball tuck in: start with hands on floor and shins on large ball. Pull knees toward chest-rolling ball into body and pushing back out. Do not let body sag

3).  Tripod Plank: on forearms with one leg up-each leg raised for 30 seconds then switch legs

4).  Crunch on Ball: roll down so lower back is on ball, hands behind head

  • Tip: Feet and knees together=hard;  feet and knees apart=easier)

5).  Heel drop: lie down on floor, legs at 90 degrees. Put soft ball in knees. Tuck and hold head and upper back off the floor while dropping heels toward floor. If lower back pops up off floor-legs have dropped too far down