workout out the week 9/5/16

Warm up


Kettle bell swings 15x 

--walking lunges with kettle bell twisting over knee


Pushups on upside down bosu 10-15x

--reverse flies  15x


Standing on bosu in squat shoulder pressing 15x

--burpee 15x


Standing on bosu in squat bicep curls 15x

--mountain climbers on bosu 30seconds


Tricep pulldown with rope standing on bosu 15x

--down down up up on bosu 30 seconds


Chest press on ball 15x 

--plank on ball rolling out 25x


Ball slam 25x

--high knees 20 seconds

--butt kickers 20 seconds


Bicycles 45 seconds (slow)

--crunch up to toes starting from above head 20x

--50 jumping jacks