workout of the week 9/19/16

Need: Stability Ball, Hand Weights

Set 1- Ball on the Wall Squats Standing against wall with Mid-Back on Stability Ball, Feet Hip-Distance Full Squat 15 Reps Half Squat 15 Reps Repeat, then… Ball on the Wall HOLD squat 30 Seconds

Set 2 Lying with Back Resting on Ball, Thighs Parallel to the Floor, Buns Up Crunches on Ball 15 Reps Obliques on Ball 15 Reps/ea

Set 3 Lying Supine on Mat, Feet on Stability Ball, Arms long by sides Hip Lifts 10 Reps Hamstring Curls 10 Reps Single Leg Hip Lifts 10 Reps/ea Single Leg Hamstring Curls 10 Reps/ea Reverse Plank, Feet on Ball 60 Seconds

Set 4 Prone position, Feet (or knees) On Ball, Hands on Floor Tricep Push Ups 8-12 Reps Plank 30 Seconds Push-Ups 8-12 Reps Plank 45 Seconds

Set 5 Seated on Ball with Hand Weights, Feet Hip-Distance Bicep Curls 15 Reps Shoulder Press 10 Reps Triceps Extension 15 Reps Side Arm Raises 10 Reps Rowing 15 Reps Repeat