And The Winner is...

We just finished the May Take Down Challenge.  We celebrated at Active Souls with appetizers, wine, and raffle prizes.  At the celebration we acknowledged the hard work everyone put in to the challenge and share stories about what worked, favorite recipes, and how to move forward.

During this 28 day challenge, the ladies seemed to work well as a team sharing on the private TDC facebook group, attending the weekly workouts, and finding workout partners to stay on track.  Overall there were 7 people who lost over 5% of their body weight in 28 days.  That was a weight loss between 8.6 pounds and 15.4 pounds.  Pretty amazing for 28 days.

Each week we offered 2 workouts specifically for the challengers.  Lise did a "trainer's choice" workout on Tuesday evening and Katie led a hike in Fullersburg Woods on Sunday morning. One person made it to all the workouts.

Is it a coincidence that she was also the winner?

Lynn Perez-Tamayo was the winner of the May challenge.  She lost 6.32% of her body weight in 28 days.  Lynn was shocked that she ended up as the winner of the challenge.  Even though she has a lot of things going on in her life, Lynn was focused on taking off the weight the has crept on over the past year.  She made the time to attend the workouts and did workouts on her own.  If you know Lynn - she is our morning babysitter in Kids Kove - you know that she often rides her bike to work.  

As the winner of the Challenge, Lynn won Personal Training 2x / week for 30 minutes for a month.  

Our second place winner was Cathy right behind Lynn losing 6.29%. Congrats to Cathy who is new to Active Souls.

Taking third place was Nancy who lost 6.17%. I think Nancy is at every early morning cycle class we offer. 

Congratulations to Lynn, Cathy, Nancy, and all the Challengers!  If you see any of the challengers, ask them about their experience.  Maybe the September challenge is right for you.

To the challengers, use the strategies we gave you to keep the momentum going.  This is not a diet, this is a way of life.