workout of the week 12/19/16

Descending Pyramid Warm up alternating between Jumping Jacks and Push ups.
Begin with 10 reps. Each round, drop one rep.  (Round #1 = 10 reps.  Round #2 = 9 reps, etc. ending with 1 rep. final round #10)

5 Rounds of 10 reps each.  May take a minute break after each round.  Otherwise move as quickly as possible, taking brief breaks when needed.

Box Jumps, or alternating step ups
Pull ups, off assist
Kettle Bell swings
Walking Lunges with medicine ball overhead hold
KZE Abs (Reverse curl knees to elbows)
Push Press with H/W’s or Barbell.  (Narrow stance. Weight by shoulders.  Little knee dip to launch weight overhead)
Renegade Rows, H/W’s (Prone plank with alternating back rows))
Medicine Ball Jacks (touch ball to floor, Jack & press ball overhead)
Ball Slams