workout of the week 10/10/16

Go through 3 rounds of each of the following sets of exercises with minimal rest.


30 seconds Cross Over Climbers

30 seconds walking lunges with shoulder press

30 seconds push ups

Upon completion of the 3rd round, hold yoga Tree Pose for 3 breaths (per leg).


30 seconds jump rope

30 seconds barbell Bent Over Rows

30” alternating leg lateral lunges coming up to high knee

Upon completion of 3rd round, come into bridge position with hands clasped under body. Hold for 3 breaths.


30 seconds Bosu Up & Overs

30 seconds (per leg)  Bosu stationary lunge (front foot on dome) with bicep curl

30 seconds bicycle

Follow 3rd round with Down Dog for 4 full inhalations / exhalations.


30 second wall sit

30 seconds battle ropes

30 seconds Charlestons (from stepper with 2 or 3 risers)

Follow 3rd round with bridge position for 3 – 5 full breaths.


30 seconds tricep overhead extensions

30 seconds squat pulses

20 – 30 seconds side plank dips (per side)


Follow with Child’s pose and supine oblique twists.