Why Active Souls

Last year I made a commitment to Oasis Women's Fitness and Spa – I would focus my resources on making this the place for women to get fit, learn about nutrition and focus on stress management.  My goal is to grow the number of women we impact and the number of programs we offer.

Like a lot of things, you make a decision but you never really know where that decision will lead.  For me it got me thinking about what I wanted from a Women’s only fitness center, why I purchased the business, and the women who wanted to be part of the facility.

In 2006 I was working at McDonald’s, working with an Executive Coach, and planning my escape.  I had just gone through an intensive training to be a triathlon coach and was thinking ahead to where I would take that certification.  

Any business I started would need to reflect the whole person.  Because our body and mind need to be in synch to accomplish any goal, I wanted my business name to take into account all aspects of an athlete – fitness, nutrition, and wellness.  When Active Souls came to me, I knew I had a winner.

It reflects everything I wanted for my fledgling coaching business.  “Active” for the physical and “Souls” for the mental and spiritual.  

Active Souls has been my business name for 10 years.  And last year when I decided to put all my resources towards the business I wanted to change the name to Active Souls. 

It was the right decision.  When I told my team that I was thinking of changing the name from Oasis Women's Fitness and Spa to Active Souls there was overwhelming support. 

I bought Oasis – did you know 2 men started this all women’s facility – and I don’t take lightly what this facility means to so many women of the community.  I was at a wake for one of our members recently and it struck me how the Wellness component of Active Souls is integral to health and happiness. 

And then there is the generational aspect of Active Souls.  After the New Year friends were reconnecting with a workout.  Hugs, laughs, and sweat combined to create the positive energy we strive to create here.

Some our members will have trouble using the new name and that’s fine.  Just keep coming, take advantage of what we have to offer and Discover What’s Inside.