A year from now you'll wish you started today

 “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.  The second best time is today.”

This is what’s been on my mind these past few weeks.  And I’ve been thinking about it because there have been some great things happening recently and they are the result of ideas and plans put in motion a while ago.

I’m proud that we are bringing nutrition programs to Oasis.  We have great resources in our community from our health coach, Jason, our instructor, Sandi, and members including Diane and Kari .  Our programs encompass not only food but how it’s sourced, how it makes us feel, and it’s impact on our health. 

This past week we did our first healthy food exchange.  Four people participated and I’ve had some really good lunches and dinners this week.  I made the recipe that was in the Personal Training Newsletter, shared the meal not only with the food exchange participants but also with friends for dinner.  These are some pictures of the steps.  And in cast you missed it, a link to the recipe

Another thing that’s happening that I’m excited about is our participation in the Whole Life Challenge.  We are through 5 weeks of the challenge and it has been great so far.  It encompasses things we should all be doing and thinking about everyday – and not just exercise and nutrition.  It includes stretching, supplementation, sleep, and reflections.  We are provided with a weekly challenge to complete along with the other components of the challenge.

And the last thing I’ll talk about is how excited I am about the changing attitude I’m seeing at Oasis.  As Dina mentioned in the Personal Training newsletter, the focus is shifting from losing weight and being “skinny” to getting healthy and having fun.  We are able to provide classes, seminars, and training led by real people going through the same struggles and challenges with weight, families, and stress. 

On a personal note, I have started training again and will be doing a half Ironman triathlon in August and a marathon in the fall.  I know I’m lucky to have “planted this tree” at the right time and I look forward to continued growth.