Whole Life Challenge and 7 Day Detox

Today starts the Whole Life Challenge (www.wholelifechallenge.com) which is a 56 day game.  For the next 8 weeks, we will be focusing on 7 components of health and wellness such as exercise, nutrition, water intake, stretching, meditation, supplementation, and sleep.  

I first heard about the challenge from the owner of Absolution Cross Fit in La Grange.  She was so excited about it and her excitement was contagious.  I went back to my office and signed up Oasis as an official team.  

We have 25 people signed up for our team.  We just finished our official starting measurements and fitness test.  At the end of the challenge we will take the same measurements and do the same fitness test to see improvements.

Personally I'm excited about doing this challenge as I know the past year wasn't great for me regarding wellness.  And I thought I needed even more than the challenge so I'll also be doing the 7 day detox.  

The hardest part for me won't be feeling deprived of my favorite foods.  The hard part will be changing habits.  I have friends I only meet at a bar over a glass of wine.  I have my Monday schedule which consists of ordering Thai Food, drinking beer or wine, and catching up on Nashville and Scandal.  And I never grocery shop for an entire week of food.  I HATE to shop!  

So my plan for first week success is to write out a shopping list and actually go grocery shopping.  I'm going to review the detox program and get mentally prepared. And I'm going to call Fine Thai in Brookfield to let them know I'm okay and I might be back in 8 weeks.