7 Day whole food detox

I just finished the 7 Day Whole Foods Detox.  I was a bit apprehensive going into this for a few reasons.  When I think of a detox, I think deprivation, drinking a ton of water, running to the bathroom, and no energy to work out.  I was also nervous because I knew I'd be posting results. Of course I wanted to do well but what if I got so hungry I couldn't do it? 

Fortunately this detox was very manageable.  The food was great, the 7 days were very well supported by a health coach, and I had all the food I needed in the house thanks to a shopping list. 

We started the detox with a webinar setting us up for success and the ability to ask any questions. There was also the option of a 15 minute private consultation with the coach.  The detox ended with a final "exit-plan" webinar.  

Breakfast every day was a green smoothie.  All of the smoothies had kale or spinach and I liked some better than others.  My favorite ended up being one with Romaine Lettuce and cilantro.  I would have not guessed that to be my favorite.  I usually drank the smoothie in 2 shifts; one half after boot camp and the other half around 10:00 after a workout.  

Lunch was a salad.  Again lots of greens; mixed greens, kale, spinach.  My favorite was a Kale and Brussels Sprouts cole slaw with a very fresh dressing and flavor.  2 of the salads had beets and my thought is you can never have enough beets.  

Dinners were soups and stews.  Because both lunch and dinner made a lot of food, I ended up only making 2 of the dinners during the 7 days and eating left overs.  I still have 2 dinners to make and am looking forward to it.  All the recipes were something I will make again.

There were 2 times during the week where I made not so healthy choices but its something we're all faced with.  The first was dinner at an Italian Restaurant.  I had a glass of very good red wine.  The second was a beer and some roasted potatoes at a graduation party.  But I did manage to go to a bar to watch a hawks game and only drink club soda!

My results for the detox were 4 pounds and 1 inch lost off my waist.  Better than the numbers, I can now wear a pair of jeans that I was really uncomfortable in just last week.

Beyond that, it was the kick start I needed to get back to healthy eating.  After working in an office for a year and driving 2.5+ hours / day, restaurants and carry out became the norm.  It was great to be in the kitchen again and having food in my refrigerator.

Next week will present a new challenge as I go to Boston and then drive to Grand Rapids with Megann.  Lobsta' Rolls, Fenway, and Local Breweries await.  My goal is to keep the habit of a vegetable with every meal and not stress about food.  And playing the Whole Life Challenge with Team OASIS will keep me accountable.